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Eight Plugins every WordPress Website Should Have

I’m a big believer in using WordPress to manage your website, even (especially?) when it’s more than just a blog. Between the ease of content management, the huge selection of graphical themes you can use, and the powerful plugins that you can add, it allows you to quickly and easily build a professional website.

The plugins are especially important, as they allow you to expand the capabilities of your site beyond what comes with WordPress. I believe all WordPress-based websites should have the following plugins installed:

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What to do With that Negative Review

It can happen to the best of companies. You’ve worked hard to get your company to come up on Google Maps for your most important keywords. And just when you get your listing to the first page, someone hits you with a negative review.

What do you do now?

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02.07.2009 Local SEO, Online Marketing 1 Comment

Google Cracking Down on Map Spam

For some time now, Google Maps has been rife with spam for locksmith-related keywords. Lead aggregators, whether companies or individuals, submit Local Business Listings for geographies all over the country. They often use fraudulent methods to push their own listings to the top of the Google Map results, and many times create multiple listings for the same aggregator within the same geography.

If fortunate, the people that call these services have a licensed, capable locksmith show up to help them.…

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26.06.2009 Local Social Media, Online Marketing 3 Comments

Social Media Case Study: PowerWatch

Please forgive me if some of the details here are a bit fuzzy. This all happened thirteen or fourteen years ago.

In March of 1995, I joined a small computer manufacturer in Austin, Texas called Power Computing Corporation. Power Computing was the first licensee under Apple Computer’s new Mac OS licensing program. We made Mac clones.

My title was “Online Evangelist”. It was something of a catch-all job, with responsibilities for managing the website for the company, as well as …

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22.06.2009 Local Marketing, Newspaper No Comments

Trilogy Launches Local News Site?

Longtime Austin technology company Trilogy wants to ride the local advertising wave. Today it launched the alpha version of the Austin Post, a site focused on Austin news.

It will initially feature content from local bloggers, but if the site generates revenue, full time professional journalists may be hired.

As most know, newspapers are having a rather difficult time right now, but online only versions have significant advantages over the dead tree versions. It’s good to see something new …

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