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ionadas local at SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive 2010 may be seven months away, but part of it is heating up already: the "Panel Picker" has just launched. This is a website that allows you to have a voice on the topics for SXSW Interactive, by voting them up or down, and commenting on them. Brian Combs of ionadas local is in the running this year, with this topic:
(Simple + Searchable) x (WordPress Websites) = Results
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Google Local Business Center Misbehaving

The local listing service from Google is a buggy system. It's not unusual for a change (or new listing) to be submitted, to show that it was accepted, and then to have disappeared when you check a few days later. It's the nature of the beast, and rechecking your work is part of the process. Things have gotten much worse in the last week or so. A number of changes I've submitted via the Local Business Center are not being reflected within Google Maps. They do seem to be saved within the LBC, but are not being transferred over to the public listing itself. Read the rest of this entry...
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Part-time Social Media Specialist Needed

A Client of ionadas local is looking for a Social Media Specialist. This is a part-time position expected to require approximately ten hours per week, although additional hours are likely needed the first few weeks. This position is ideal for a current student looking for real-world experience in using social media commercially. It also might be of interest to a college graduate looking to break into the social media industry. Read the rest of this entry...
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Yahoo to Sell Small Business Unit

Reuters reports that Yahoo is trying to sell its HotJobs and Small Business units. This is part of an effort by Yahoo to focus on its core businesses. Yahoo Small Business primarily engages in hosting services including web hosting, domains, and merchant solutions. Frankly, Yahoo has never been a particular strong competitor in the hosting space, so this makes sense. Read the rest of this entry...
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Importance of Ranking on Google Maps

I was asked yesterday how important ranking is within the Google 10-Pack, assuming you're listed on the first page. I'd like to share my thoughts here. Google has not published any statistics on the difference that one’s placement in the local rankings makes, but this is not surprising with a beta service. Local listings are one of the primary battlegrounds between Google, Yahoo, and Bing and they’re all keeping their data very close to the vest. Read the rest of this entry...