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PubCon Vegas 2014 Schedule

As usual, I’ll be at PubCon Vegas this October. Here’s my current speaking schedule:

  • October 7, 3:55pm-5:00pm: “Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Local Search”
  • October 8, 3:55pm-5:00pm: “Twittersphere Customer Service Strategies” (moderating)
  • October 9, 12:40pm-1:35pm: “Local Search : Reviews and Rankings”

I’ll be participating in PubCon Labs both Tuesday and Wednesday. I believe Tuesday is full, but I may have a slot or two open on Wednesday.

Otherwise, if you want to meet, drop me a line, and we’ll …

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Coupon for PubCon Vegas 2014

The approach of September means several things…

First: College football. I’m anxious to find out what my beloved Longhorns look like this year.

Second: Cooler temperaturs. Well, in Austin, less brutally hot temperatures, at least.

Third: PubCon Vegas (Baby) is drawing near!

Without question, PubCon is the best online marketing conference. The focus is on solving real world problems, not ponderous naval gazing.

And PubCon Vegas is the jewel in the PubCon yearly schedule. Some of the best internet marketers …

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New WordPress Services

While we’ve been using WordPress for over a decade now, and occasionally provided WordPress services to our existing clients, we’ve never offered them publicly.

Until now.

Our suite of WordPress services provides everything a small business owner needs to get online using the powerful, yet approachable, Content Management System (CMS) WordPress.

Whether it’s getting your company live on a WordPress website, training you and/or your employees how to use the system on a daily basis, or ensuring that your WordPress …

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Should You Respond to that Negative Review?

There is a school of thought that says that a company must respond to every single review they receive via the online review systems. At a conference a few weeks ago, I took a contrarian position and received some blowback via Twitter. I’d like to explain my stance a bit further.

There are several issues with a policy that requires every review to receive a response.

First of all, doing so sets expectations. If you have that level of engagement …

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Lessons from PubCon New Orleans 2013

As another PubCon rolls to a close, I wanted to reflect on lessons either learned or reinforced. This is my first time to New Orleans, so most of the things learned regard this fine city.

Four Foci of Local SEO

Apparently, this concept was first popularized by David Mihm. I hadn’t heard it put this way, but it matches with my experience.

In short, there are four things an SEO needs to focus on for local sites:

  • On-Site Optimization
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