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Should You Respond to that Negative Review?

There is a school of thought that says that a company must respond to every single review they receive via the online review systems. At a conference a few weeks ago, I took a contrarian position and received some blowback via Twitter. I’d like to explain my stance a bit further.

There are several issues with a policy that requires every review to receive a response.

First of all, doing so sets expectations. If you have that level of engagement …

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Lessons from PubCon New Orleans 2013

As another PubCon rolls to a close, I wanted to reflect on lessons either learned or reinforced. This is my first time to New Orleans, so most of the things learned regard this fine city.

Four Foci of Local SEO

Apparently, this concept was first popularized by David Mihm. I hadn’t heard it put this way, but it matches with my experience.

In short, there are four things an SEO needs to focus on for local sites:

  • On-Site Optimization
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Coupon for PubCon New Orleans 2013

PubCon South 2013 is in New Orleans this year from April 22nd to the 25th. PubCon is easily the most informative online marketing and search engine optimization conference, and I’m really looking forward to visiting the Big Easy to learn and network!

PubCon is already a great value for your dollar, but I can make it even better. This coupon code will allow you to save 15% off your conference registration:

Code: bc-6594215

Just use the coupon code when you’re …

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03.08.2012 ionadas local News 2 Comments

WordPress Plugin: History Collection

History Collection at WordPress.org

ionadas local LLC has released its first software development: a plugin for WordPress. History Collection allows you to create a “Today in History” section on your WordPress site, inserted either through a shortcode or a sidebar widget.

See the “On this day…” section of the Wikipedia homepage for an example of the sort of thing you can do (although this does not use our technology).

For an example using this technology, check out the Today in

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Coupon for PubCon Vegas 2012

Update: Here’s your coupon for PubCon South 2013 in New Orleans.

Are you trying to decide whether to go to PubCon Vegas this year? Without reservation, I can say that it is the best online marketing conference of the year.

But I can make things a bit easier for you. Here’s a coupon to save 20% of the registration price of a Gold and Platinum pass.

Code: rc-2472820

Just use the coupon code when you’re registering for the conference. …

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